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My doll family:
Poppy [Luts Honey Delf Lolly]
Ethan [B&G Honey Loretta Boy]
Unnamed [Luts Fabric Delf Violet]
Camilla [Bambicrony Ciao Bella Marion - living with a friend!]

Luts KDF Pine and Bory
Fairyland MNF Seorin
Fairyland LTF Luna, Leah, and Shiwoo
Iplehouse KID Irene, Lonnie Boy

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Torn! My dumb dilemma.

I have three BJDs I adore (and one at a friends house that I can have back if she decides she’s done with it). Two Luts dolls, a Honey Delf Lolly and a Kid Delf Aru.. and a B&G Honey Loretta Boy. I keep them on a shelf in the closet to keep them safely away from the cats. Everytime I open the closet I feel immense guilt that they haven’t been getting much attention lately… I stare at them and wonder if they would be happier in another home (not really THEM, I know they’re dolls, but you know…).

I’ve been fairly overwhelmed with this pregnancy and preparing for baby (only around 4 months to go!). I don’t work right now and although hubs has an amazing well paying job, money is still somewhat tight, ESPECIALLY with the astronomical rent we’re paying. We’re saving and preparing for baby and we’re saving money for a down payment on a house (not to mention all the other fees that go into it), both of which take a lot of money too. I just can’t help but wonder how much my dolls would sell for and how it’d be that much more money saved towards my baby girl. We’re not struggling for money so I don’t want to sound like a sob story, we’re good.

Why couldn’t I have found this hobby when I was younger. Being an adult sucks sometimes :(

My hubs is supportive of my hobbies and interests and has in no way suggested I sell them, so this is just my own internal struggle. It seems crazy to me that my KDF Aru could just about pay for my baby’s crib!

But will I sell them? Hubs thinks I will regret it if I do, and maybe I will.. I love holding my little Lolly, but I just… haven’t done much in the hobby lately and will I after she’s born? Maybe eventually but they might have gone unloved for years….

Maybe I could sell them now and get back into the hobby when I find the time and money again? Do dolls like that feel the same as the originals?

This seems like such a stupid thing to stress about, but it’s real to me. What would you do? Just keep them until I find the time again even if that means years? Or sell them and get back into it later? Or something else?

koriru asked: Write 10 facts about yourself and send this to 10 of your favorite followers :D

Whoops totally forgot to answer this before!

Let’s see… 10 facts…

1. I am 26.
2. I’m married to the best, most attractive geeky guy ever :D
3. I’m pregnant with his baby girl (Due early November!).
4. I’m 5’4.
5. I love video games but would not necessarily call myself a gamer.
6. I love BJDs, I just wish I had the money to collect LOTS. 
7. I’m deaf in one ear
8. I have two lovely tabby-ish kitties although I wish I could have more, and maybe a dog too. 
9. I love making friends but am mostly too shy to initiate conversation. 
10. Despite my past, or bad days presently, I am happy with my life and grateful for all that I have, and would not change a thing, now or ever (even if I could go back in time).

Whew that was kind of hard, I’m pretty boring .-.

Please excuse the non BJD related post, but I am just TOO excited!!!
Found out today that I am having a little girl!! I can’t wait for November, my baby WILL have BJDs too :P

Now to name her.. muahah

BJD Nightmares

I had a dream last night that I bought a black wig off DoA and in the pictures it looked amazing and wavy and just awesome and when I got it, it looked like it had been crimped with some sort of barbie size crimper iron and was just totally ruined. It wasn’t soft, just hard and crusty.. and then the person just didn’t do anything. (I also happened to have a LTF Luna though which was good <3 ). I haven’t had a BJD dream in awhile.. and it was horrible! Well, more annoying, but yeah :(

What kind of BJD nightmares do you guys have?

Is anyone selling or thinking about selling a Littlefee Luna? I don’t want to start a thread on DoA because I’m not completely sure I’m ready to buy one (not sure I can afford it yet, not sure what kind of price I’d like), but they’re for sale so rarely on the marketplace, especially from the US,  so I just wanted to see my options for second hand Lunas… and my biggest problem is Fairyland’s faceups. Pretty but I just really prefer natural faceups.

So.. anyone?

CK Dolls: So in a few weeks I find out if I’m having a boy or a girl. I’ve been...



So in a few weeks I find out if I’m having a boy or a girl. I’ve been thinking of names, my favorite being Hannah for a girl and Archer for a boy, but after realizing how popular Hannah is, and my uncertainty of the name Archer… I am looking for ideas :D

I know a lot of you BJD people have…

Yay for finding out soon! :D

I use a lot of baby name sites when coming up with names for my dolls, but one of my favourites is, particularly in their “special categories” area.  It’s got it set up so you can look names up by meanings - like if you want to pick a name that means brave/fearless, noble, or something to that effect, you can just scan through and see names that fit that general meaning. I know a lot of other name websites show the meaning ( has a semi-decent option for searching by category, too), but I’ve always found 20000 to be the most convenient for its layout.

I remember when I was little and I found out what my name meant, it was really exciting to me.  It may be a silly thing, but I found it very empowering.  So I really like the idea that a name isn’t only chosen for sounding good, but that it has a meaning.  And if your child is ever going through something difficult, you can tell them, your name means “precious treasure,” because that’s what you are, and don’t you ever forget that or let anyone make you think otherwise.  Ahah.  Or something.  ^^;  I don’t know, that might not be helpful at all, but I’m just really into the meaning of names.

That is so sweet! I didn’t even think of using their name’s meaning as a way to empower them. My name (full being Victoria) just means Victorious so it was always like “well that’s obvious” and never made me feel that way, but just because I wasn’t doesn’t mean they won’t :D I’ll be looking more into the meaning of names now I think

And thanks so much for the site suggestions!

So in a few weeks I find out if I’m having a boy or a girl. I’ve been thinking of names, my favorite being Hannah for a girl and Archer for a boy, but after realizing how popular Hannah is, and my uncertainty of the name Archer… I am looking for ideas :D 

I know a lot of you BJD people have characters for your dolls, so any creative minds want to give me ideas for baby names, boy or girl names since I don’t know yet (and I’ll hopefully have at least one of each one day anyway)? :D I’ll understand if you don’t want me using your names though, I know you guys have a lot of interesting ones! (and I’m horrible at even naming my own BJDs haha…)

(it’d be so funny one day to be asked by my child how I came up with their name and me to tell them people on tumblr lol) 

»Meant to make this a question so people can just answer it but I forgot and it doesn’t let me when I edit? ;n; «

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I will give all money to my name if someone can find her.